About Us


We are Miskyra and we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest trends at more affordable prices. With over 30 years experience within the clothing industry, we know what works and when to drop it. As the saying goes, Fashion Never Sleeps.... and neither do we! We work around the clock 24/7, researching, sampling, testing....repeat... So that we have every bit of confidence in our product, and so every one of our Miskyra girls can get their hands on our stylish, fun and affordable pieces. From day dresses to loungewear, hoodies to jackets, party pieces to summer casuals, we bring you both your on-duty off-duty wardrobe staples.

Nothing to wear? No problem! With new styles dropping weekly, we strive to keep the millenial girl and her wardrobe in full fierce form.

Our philosophy is pretty simple. We love what we do and we do what we love!

Passion and commitment are the leading forces behind Miskyra and are what strive us to be better. Not only are we passionate about our products, but we are passionate about our customers. The Miskyra girl isn't afraid to make a statement.... She dares to stand out! And we love that! This allows us to go wild and get creative with our designs, providing exclusive ultimate wardrobe must haves!